Guidelines to Monitoring the Academic Performance of Your Son/Daughter

Guidelines to Monitoring the Academic Performance of Your Son/Daughter:

  • ThinkWave is considered to be a real-time reporting tool, whereby parents have constant access to information on student academic performance

  • It is the responsibility of parents to regularly follow-up assigned tasks, assignments and grades on ThinkWave

  • By availing this tool to all parents the school administration considers that it has reported academic progress to parents.

  1. Login to ThinkWave       

  1. Check “Dashboard” for any messages to students or parents.

  2. You will also find the link to the bookcase (E-Books) of your son/daughter

  3. At the beginning of every week, check “Dashboard” for your son/daughter weekly plan explaining what they will be doing day by day. It also includes any HW, CW, Quizzes or tests that will be assigned during the week.

  4. You may also find attachments of documents needed during the week which the teacher uploads to share with students.

  5. The “Dashboard” may also contain clear instructions for completion of certain tasks. As well as announcements from teachers to students.

  6. The “Gradebook” has assignments description of how to complete the task, where and how to submit it (Soft/Hard copy), the date it is assigned and the due date for submission.

  7. You have previously received a detailed document of the policies regarding HW, CW, Missing assignments due to absence and Missing assignments due to suspension. (Attached here again so please make sure to read it again)

  8. Please spend some time with your son/daughter to show them how to follow up on their progress so that they become independent learners.

  9. Teachers spend time with students to show them how to use their textbooks for notemaking and studying. We urge you to support us and not to request PowerPoint Presentations of the content.

  10. In case the description of any assignment seems vague or unclear to you, you may send a message (on that assignment on ThinkWave) to the teacher asking for further clarification.

  11. Th continuous assessment of your son/daughter through CW, quizzes and tests ensures that they are assessed in a variety of ways to grant them the grade they deserve.

  12. Assigning reading for 10-15 minutes daily is a routine we try to establish. This is not part of the weekly assignment schedule. This could be done at bedtime, commuting to the club for sports training or on the school bus mornings or afternoons. Please encourage your son/daughter to READ.

  • If a student is in risk of failing a subject/s in the first semester, an Academic Issue Report will be sent home mid Quarter Two, and a message sent on Class DOJO

  • If a student is in danger of failing the year in a subject/s, a Risk of Failing Letter will be sent home at the end of Quarter Three, and a message sent on Class DOJO from the admin account that does not accept replies.

  • Please make sure to access your Class DOJO account