G5 & 6 International Day

The student-led International Day held at MLS American Division last Thursday was a phenomenal success. Not only were the students able to achieve their charitable fundraising goals, but more importantly, they demonstrated stupendous teamwork, good citizenship, and amazing leadership.

The extraordinary effort that was put together by the Grades 5 and 6 team, orchestrated by their heads, highlighted what it’s like at MLS to be a supportive and cooperative school community that works to empower students with leadership and social skills. We highly appreciate how students and parents directly gave time and effort for a cause. The enthusiasm with which the whole event was guided was truly exceptional. Students learned what it is like to be an active participant in their community, and they took pride in being able to personally do something humanitarian for those in dire need.


We would like to thank all teachers, heads, and parents who helped make this day a huge success and who continue to inspire our students to make a positive impact in the world.