Sports Day Extravaganza Grade 1& 2

When the whistle blew, signaling the start of MLS American division Annual Sports Day, it wasn’t only the exuberant cries of grades 1 & 2 students that filled the air but also the authoritative, yet comforting, calls of parents who had stepped up to the plate to lead the day’s events. Tireless and fueled by the infectious enthusiasm of their children, the parents played an indispensable role, not just as spectators but as the driving force that steered the day towards success.


As the sports day drew to a close, it was the parents – these unsung heroes – who were the last to leave the field. They were gathering equipment, picking up trash, and ensuring no child left without a word of praise or a token of the day’s fun. On this day, they had transformed a school sports field into an arena where the vibrant spirit of Antibullying, family, and togetherness was the true victor.