Sports day for Grades 3 to 6

MLS American division launched its annual Sports Day for grades 3 – 6 students, highlighting the importance of Antibullying. 🥇🏆🥇🏆

From the very beginning, the involvement of our parents was palpable, some with experience in coaching, while others merely gathered the students into orderly lines, explaining the rules with a mix of firmness and warmth. Their presence was a reassuring beacon for the little ones whose faces were a canvas of excitement, anxiety, and unbridled joy. The tug-of-war was a highlight, and here, it was time for parents to join in midst the exuberant cries of their children cheering for them.
In every smile, every laugh, and every triumphant cheer of the students, one could see the reflection of the parents’ dedication. They had not simply led the games; they had crafted an environment where the values of Antibullying, sportsmanship, encouragement, and community shone as bright as the afternoon sun.

Here is to many more memorable moments together.